Retrouver dans la suite un mail reçu il y a quelques instant de la part de Trash d’

En résumé, Trash raconte qu’il attend toujours l’accès au serveur pour rentrer les IMEI et numéros de série dans la base de données d’IPSF.

Peut-être plus d’infos dans la soirée…

Hi guys,

I have had to resend this again due to more news. has launched their new website with information on the software and tutorials. We have also updated our website with this information.

We have also been named as their Top Reseller and have been mentioned on Gizmodo and Engadget.

Please note if you have purchased the software today from us that we are placing a new order so you will be serviced in a few days.

iPhoneSimFree has announced the release of their Software (Monday, 10th September 2007). They are verifying payments with us and will be releasing this as soon as this has been processed. Please understand that according to IPSF they are getting over 5000 emails per day and there is only 3 people in their company. They have assured me that they are working with a local company to help handle the increased volume of emails and orders they are receiving.

We will soon have access to their server to upload all the Data Collection details to those who have filled it in. If you haven’t you will need to do this now or when you have your handset available. To get access please read through this email for links to the online form.

Please do not bombarded us with emails asking when your order will be sent and when the software is available. Its been a tiring time trying to respond to you all by email at the moment. I ask if you CAN ONLY post your questions on
I am monitoring this post and you will also be able to see answers to questions i get repeatedly asked.

There is a delay in responding to emails due to the sheer volume we are receiving each day.

Some answers to your questions:

1. We do not have a delivery date yet for the software. We are hoping to have a confirmed date within the next few days.
2. You will need to input your phone data for each order you have paid for through us.
3. If you do not have the phone data then you will have to input this when you have it ready. Your order cannot be sent until this is received.
4. We do have more licenses on order so you can purchase more on our website.