Data Center Hardware Operations Manager (M/F) for Google

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Data Center Hardware Operations Manager (M/F) for Google

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Google isn't just a software company. The Hardware Operations team is responsible for monitoring the state-of-the-art physical infrastructure behind Google's powerful search technology. As a Hardware Operations Manager (M/F), you will manage a team of Operations Assemblers and Operations Engineers. You will oversee the quality installation of server hardware and components and take charge of complicated installations/troubleshooting.

Oversee the day to day management of teams within data center operations
Work with others to identify problems and create solutions for computing and network architecture.

Relevant experience managing technical teams, team leads or managers.
Relevant experience with Linux/UNIX system administration.
Relevant experience working in data centres and building out infrastructure.
Strong understanding of HVAC and power requirements for high-availability data centres.
Strong understanding of networks and PC hardware architecture including maintenance and repair.
Demonstrated strategic problem solving skills.

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